Educational Series

Attitudinal Healing St. Louis 10-Week Class Series

Attitudinal Healing St. Louis offers a 10-week series of classes to a group of up to 10 participants, with the purpose of teaching and applying the 12 principles of Attitudinal Healing found in the text, Teach Only Love, by Gerald Jampolsky, MD, the founder of Attitudinal Healing. The principles give participants practical tools to help each person find their own answers, inner strength and peace of mind. Studying, processing, sharing and practicing these principles together helps everyone. 
Morning and evening 10-week classes are offered several times throughout the year. They are facilitated by two persons trained as facilitators through Attitudinal Healing International. The classes meet for two hours each week. A nominal fee of $50 is charged to cover program costs and related expenses. For those interested in participating in a 10-week series, a list of potential participants is compiled. When a class is being organized, potential participants are contacted.
Class format: Each participate will purchase the book and receive an instructional binder with assignments to use during group discussions. Participants will be asked to read, reflect through journaling worksheets, and share personal experiences in the group meetings. Once the 10-week class is completed, participants encouraged to attend one of the ongoing monthly Attitudinal Healing meetings. Attending monthly meetings promotes continuity in daily application of the 12 principles.
Please go to the “Contact Us” page of this website to be added to the Potential Participant list.