I feel so blessed to experience this new awakening, which makes life easier, more fulfilling and joyful.  I truly believe this study group has provided the turning point in my spiritual and emotional well-being and development. 


Shannon Galfi Quote

"I have been searching for how to become a more peaceful person for years with little long term success. Attitudinal Healing has been an awakening for me. It has given me the tools to finally learn how to let go and lead a more peaceful life. It is so empowering to finally realize that finding peace is as simple as perceiving others and the world in a loving way."


Jeanne Neuner Quote

"Experiencing Attitudinal Healling in a support group atmosphere has drastically changed my life. I was guilt-ridden, judgemental, and stuck in traditional ways of dealing with problems; denial was my coping skill of choice.  After one and a half years of practicing the twelve principles of Attitudinal Healling, I have learned that letting go and forgiving are powerful means to inner peace. "How can I look at this differently?" is a question I use every day to find a better choice in looking at a troubling situation.  I wish I had been exposed to this decades ago but am so thankful for how it has altered my life positively these past few years."


Original Quote

"A.H. helped me with developing tools, even a language to use for guidance and to help me recognize when I am challenged, that I have techniques to bring me back into balance or at least admit that I am stuck and know I can get back as soon as I shift my thoughts to ones of peace, acceptance and LOVE!"


Jackie Moore Quote

"The Attitudinal Healing sessions helped me to know and understand how the mind can be retrained. The monthly meetings provided opportunities to share and compare our experiences." Quoting from the book, "LOVE is the complete absence of fear and the basis for all Attitudinal Healing."


Karen Gender Quote

"Attitudinal Healing has helped me to see that as I extend love, I am made healthier and happier. The book, Teach Only Love, seems simple, and it is, but deeply living these simple concepts is not always easy . Julie and Corinne are so adept at allowing everyone to grow and share at their own pace. This group journey has added to my overall peace and helped me share love in more situations."


Linda Cook Quote

"Discussions have contributed to my growth and brought me some peace of mind. It has contributed to my evolution as a compassionate being."